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Scroll to the bottom for your requests: Make your requests known here. Feel free join The Soakers House group and be apart of our fellowship and As the Pastor of the Soakers House I will pray for you and you will be eligible for a real life Church plant in your area with your unique name and your choice of facilitator.We are looking to relocate our ministry as well if you are interested to be apart of our core group let us know. This means to start a school of ministry in your area upon request, Rev Calhoun will personally come and set up a three day school of ministry. . Expect a miracle and the Spirit of God to move as we anoint your chosen facilitator in the ministry to be released to do ministry in your area. Leave a contact phone number in your correspondence here. I'm a licensed and can ordain minsters with a lifetime ordination as long as you remain with the Soakers House ministry. Make sure to send us your phone number so we can verify your serious about setting up a Plant. There are no yearly dues we will have yearly conferences. Contact us if you would like to be guest speaker. We are charted church with True to the Vine International of California of which I'm the founder.

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